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Adoption Process

The tiny toe beans at our rescue are precious, so finding the purrfect home is our second most important job. Our most important job is making sure they grow with love, of course! The adoption process is a fun and exciting time for you, us, and your tiny toe beans, and to make sure that these precious animals have a lifetime of love and security, we are very thorough. All of these rules help lessen the chance of our kittens being returned, rehomed, or sent to the shelter. Our ultimate goal is to get them adopted to the right home!

Please Read Completely Before Applying to Adopt

Adoption Fees:

  • $125 for a solo kitten or cat
  • $200 for a pair (do not need to be bonded, related, or same age group)
  • Applications will be accepted for a kitten anytime they are shown as available, but they will not be eligible

to go to their furever home until they have been spayed/neutered, microchipped, and received their first 2 FVRCP vaccinations. If the kitten is at 12 weeks when it is spay/neutered, they will receive their 1yr rabies vaccination

at that time. If not, it is the responsibility of the adopter to do so between 12-14wks, it is also the responsibility of the adopter to make sure the kitten receives the 3rd FVRCP vaccine if the kitten is still due to receive it.

  • We will not place a kitten under 8 weeks on hold
  • In order to schedule a meet & greet, we will need to have approved you as an adopter, this ensures that meet

and greet time are reserved for serious adopters only. We do not have any paid staff and our available time is limited

  • If you wish to place a cat/kitten(s) on hold, you will need to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE fee equal to the amount of the adoption fee for the cat/kitten(s). Otherwise we will continue to accept application, go to meet/greets, take the cat/kitten to adoption fairs, and generally promote the cat/kitten as adoptable.
  • We do not do same day adoptions. If you wish to bring home a cat/kitten from one of

our adoption fairs, you will need to apply in advance and have had the adoption approval process



  • We only accept applications from adopters over the age of 21
  • You must complete an application through the link to the ShelterLuv page
  • You will need landlord/property manager approval for all applicants leasing or renting their home (we are very thorough in checking)
  • When adopting a cat/kitten for a household, all members of the household will need to meet the pet before the adoption can be finalize. No exceptions.
  • All adopters will sign a contract stating they will not declaw their cat nor physically alter it in any way
  • We will perform a home visit before approving the adoption. This can be virtual, and we reserve the right to require an in-person visit should we feel we need more information.
  • We will not adopt a solo kitten to a home that has no other cats, this rule does not apply to full grown cats. Please look over this page to find out why
  • All household cats should be indoor ONLY cats.
  • Remember that cats/kittens need regular well check visits, vaccinations, and sometimes sick

visits, when adopting a new pet, you must be willing and financially able to provide the care.

  • Even indoor only cats/kittens need to have regular flea prevention. Flea meds like Revolution help prevent fleas, ticks, ear mites, etc.
  • Unless there is a documented health concern, all pets (cats & dogs) must be spay/neutered, on flea/tick/heartworm meds, and be up to date on vaccines (rabies for both FVRCP for cats). We know that some people have concerns with FVRCP, we are happy to explain to you why we believe this vaccine is not negotiable.
  • You must have a carrier. Even if you have a current cat who is harness trained, you would need to have one for transporting the kitten you wish to adopt and for emergencies.
  • If you have current pets, you must list your current vet. If you have had a previous pet, the vet you list must be yours. You may not list your parents vet, your roommates vet, nor a vet for any pet you have never been responsible for or owned.

Check out our adoptable kittens profile below!

Chicken is a very playful girl. We would prefer if she went with her ​brother Macaroni, but it is not a must. She loves to have zoomies ​and play with multiple toys while she zooms around the foster's ​living room. She plays very loudly with her brother and has a ​cooing sound that is similar to that of a pigeon or a chicken, she ​does sometimes "yell" at her brother when he plays to rough, but ​she is fine and able to turn the tables and throw down with him. ​She would do great in a household with a child who is at least 6 ​and understands how to be gentle and love kittens. Her favorite ​human in the foster's house is their 7yr old, and cuddles in his lap ​frequently. She does not like being picked up by the adult ​humans, and will protest softly with her pigeon/chicken sounds. ​She does, however, love to jump into a lap on her own terms ​(which is frequently) where she will cuddle and make many happy ​biscuits.


Coco is shy with humans, but very much enjoys affection when he is given it and purrs very loudly. He seems to crave the attention of other kitties (the other foster kittens as well as the personal adult cats in the foster home) and would do best in a multi-cat household or adopted with another one of our kittens. When he plays with toys he "talks" to them, which is adorable. He plays very loudly with other kitties and sounds like he is being hurt, but he runs off when he has had enough. He is used to being around a 7 year old child, but would probably do better in a home that is quieter

Coco is no longer available for adoption, he found his forever home!! Look for him on our Happy Beans page -coming soon!

Macaroni is a wild man and goes on zoomies frequently. We ​would love for him to be adopted with his sister Chicken, but ​it is not a must . His favorite human in the foster home is the ​husband and cuddles in his lap nightly. Little Mac also loves ​the other humans in the house and is quite affectionate with ​a quiet but deep purr. He enjoys the company of the adult ​cats in the household as well. His favorite activities include: ​throwing down with his sister Chicken, "nursing" on a super ​fluffy blanket, playing hide and seek with anyone who will ​play, and attacking any toy that moves. He has one adorable ​white whisker near his chin that turns down and a patch of ​longer white

Cherry is a shy but sweet girl. She absolutely loves to play with

all of the other kitties in the foster home and will go wild with some ​catnip toys. She’s not adverse to human affection but is still ​learning to trust and love humans. She has come a long way from ​the scared kitten she was when she came here with her sisters. She ​is the last one to come out of her shell, but we believe in letting ​kittens learn to trust at their own pace. She would do best with an ​adopter who is willing to be patient and show her affection on her ​own terms. Cherry is a bonded pair with her sister Blossom, and ​must be adopted together.

Like her sister, Blossom has taken awhile to come out of her ​shell and warm up to humans. She is a bit farther in the ​processes as she will now come up to the foster mom and ​quietly meow for pets and attention. She has also started ​cautiously coming up and laying down next to the humans in ​the house. She is a playful girl who will play with anything, ​even pulling paper trash out of trashcans without lids. Like ​her sister, she enjoys playing with the other kitties in the ​house, though she is a little bit more selective.Blossom is a ​bonded pair with her sister Cherry and will not be adopted ​separately. We believe the purrfect home for her would also ​be one that has adopters willing to let her learn to trust ​them at her own pace.

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Leeni(F) -currently special needs

Torti(F) - bonded to ​Leeni, not special ​needs



Squirts The Sadboi(M)



Fireball(F)-Special Needs

CH (wobbly cat)


Max King of the Wild ​Things(M)